Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who holds the Key to my Heart?

Karen from The Barely There Primitive Bear, that's who! Congratulations Karen! Please send me your info and I will get this prim nodder out to you asap!
I had so much fun playing this silly Valentine Giveaway and I loved all of the answers given!! I love every song listed and yes some did get stuck in my head for awhile! But when that happens, I just sing out poor boys! lol!
I especially loved all of the marriage proposals and romantic gestures! You gals got some keepers!! Happy anniversary to all of you!
Angie in Tahoe celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary. Wowie!! Congratulations!! and
Happy Birthday to you Valerie (Birthday Sister!!)
Thank You to all who played along! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

I had surgery on Feb. 13th and spent the following few days in a daze on the couch! For my birthday, my sweet hubby wrapped me in a quilt, plugged in a heating pad and then rented me my top 5 movie picks, the newest Twilight being my favorite and then he handed me a cardboard heart filled with reese's peanut butter cups...yum!...he cooked my favorite meal...chicken salad with fries and ranch! and then we celebrated with a Ultimate Chocolate dairy queen ice cream cake...double yum!
(Hubby says, "it's ok to eat these things on special occasions - the calories don't count! I swear!!")
My four boys, Rusty and I snuggled on the couch and watched movies together all night! What a great night! Oh how I love my family!!!
My favorite animal is the dog. Any dog will do, I am not partial to any particular breed. I love them all! They amaze me with their thought processes and territorial tendencies! My favorite thing to see a dog do is to laugh! Yes, I said to laugh!
Charlie is my dog or better yet, I am his human! I belong to him! He never leaves my side! ever! While I was recovering this past week, he was right there with me. When Buddy and Rusty were going for their walks, Charlie didn't budge! Justin got his leash and called out to entice him, "Come on Charlie, lets go for a walk!" But it didn't work! Justin then proceeded to pick him up and he carried him to the back door but when he set him down to put his leash on his collar, Charlie took off like a bullet and came running back to my side. A frustrated Justin tossed Charlie's leash back in his basket and said "oh, forget it!" He couldn't understand why Charlie didn't want to go for a walk, it was his favorite thing to do next to swimming down in the creek or eating slices of ham! But it made my heart swell just a little to think I meant more to him and that I superseded the Almighty walk!
Dog backwards is God, don't ya know!

Please be aware that a                  Fellow Blogging Friend Needs Help

           Please if you are in this area or know someone who is do share this info

Is reaching out for help this weekend
You can visit her site to read the details

Need people to help search;

Richard was in an automobile accident Tuesday, February 14th in Brainerd, MN. He was taken to the hospital emergency room and kept overnight for observation.

Brainerd Police are still searching for a 79-year-old Sebeka man who went missing Wednesday after leaving Essentia Health-St Joseph’s Medical Center in Brainerd.

Richard Ernest Paquin was reported missing around 2:20 p.m. Wednesday and has not been seen since.

Please do share this and remember this family in your prayers for Richard's safe return home.

There are some really great giveaways going on right now such as

Prim Blessings until next time!


  1. Woo Hoo! Thanks so much, I can't believe
    I won it! I hope you are healing nicely
    from your surgery. Oh my, what a loyal
    dog you have! Take care.


  2. Congrats to Karen! Love the story about Charlie! How sweet! Happy healing, Angel!

  3. Thanks Angel for the fabulous giveway! Congratulations to Karen-lucky gal.
    Take care!!

  4. Congrats Karen! Thanks for such a great giveaway, Valerie