Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Fellow Prim Lovers and Happy Monday to Ya!

What a great Easter Weekend! I hope you all got to spend it with the ones you love. We held Easter on Saturday this year due to my family's work schedule and a good thing we did. The sky was blue and the temps were in the mid 70s. Easter Sunday didn't see a dry minute...
We dragged the patio furniture outside for the first time this year and soaked up some vitamin D. Even the dogs wanted to stay outside.

They lounged about in the back yard stretching and rolling in the green grass. Ever so excited to see each family member make his way back home. I say "his" way back home because I am the only female in my family. I am surrounded by males! Even the dogs, Charlie and Buddy are males! My kids, Justin and Cody are 18 and 22. Hmmm...still a ways to go before they are married. My hubby, Chris and my sweet old Daddy and then there's little ole me. Hopin' and a prayin' for daughter in laws and granddaughters some day!! ya know to even the teams out!

So what did everyone make for Easter Dinner this year? Well, we had enough food to feed an army! I made a turkey with stuffing and all the fixings and a Jenny-o turkey ham with roasted carrots, brocolli and cauliflower and red skinned potatoes (for my sweet old daddy who is recently healing from a triple bypass). If you want to eat a heart healthy diet, I reccommend Jenny-o turkey products, they're YUMMY! I made angelfood cake with strawberries and sugarfree coolwhip (you'd never know this dessert is rather healthy! Shh-don't tell the kids!)

Buddy's birthday also fell on Easter this year so of course I had to make him a cake too! and you know how much beagles love bunnies! He is 5 years old now...35 in dog years, right?

After everyone ate and it was time to go I packed up all the leftovers and sent them on their merry little ways so I don't have a fridge packed full of food I really don't want to eat for the next three days! Win-Win!
Isn't it funny how we complain when the kids live at home to quit eating us out of house and home and then when they move out we can't seem to feed them enough...ha! life is so funny!
Enough about me and my crew lets talk some Prim!

I took a detour to Goodwill the other day (when I was suppossed to be "grocery shopping" heehee) and found a great prim bowl/wheelbarrel. If you know me then you know how much I love wheelbarrels!!Whoever invented them rocks!
How cool is that! I think I'll put some homespun rag balls in it...what do you think? any suggestions?

I haven't added any new items to my etsy shop lately though I do have five different projects going and need to finish them up before I can post them. and the reason for the delay is because I also have about twenty ideas swarming about in my mind for other projects.
Do you ever do that?
Right now I should be concentrating on Mothers Day items, Springtime and Americana projects. What am I working on? I'm sewing three witch ornies, a crow and a snowman! Talk about the other end of the spectrum! Ok the pressure is on to get back on track! I will post new items to angelbugprims (my etsy shop) and also here, by the end of this week-I promise! So I had better get going and get some prim work done! C U Then!