Monday, August 29, 2011

Autumn is in the Air!Everyone is busy making pumpkins, scarecrows, witches and such! I love it! The oranges, yellows, reds, browns... the warm colors of Fall that makes you feel all cozy inside. The cool night air, crickets chirping and pretty sunsets. I love this time of year and will enjoy the next few months.
Speaking of love...
I have come across one of the best pattern makers in the prim world, Tennessee Ridge Primitives by Becky Erickson. If you haven't heard of her, you have to give her a holler. I absolutely love her patterns.
They are very detailed and very easy to understand. She just says it like it is, no guess work involved. She is a super lady that strives to satisfy her customers and loves fed back. You can find her at and I just know she would love to hear from you! I have just finished a few of her patterns and have a few more in the works. These are posted on ebay and are up for auction this week along with all of the other awesome antiques and primitives flying off the shelves right now. One thing her patterns call for is cinnamon, lots and lots of cinnamon!

I have been baking more cinnamon these past couple weeks then my poor boys can stand. They come running into the kitchen when the smells waft down the halls and through the house only to find Mama baking a cat head sprinkled with cinnamon...again!
Sorry the pics are so big, I'm not computer literate at all! And just lucky to get them up! Ha! But I'm tryin! Like the song goes...Oh Lord, I'm tryin!

I have been invited to join the Handmade Art Fair ladies and what an honor to be a part of such talent!

 Brenda Sanker of The Vintage Polka Dot so graciously made this button for me 
Isn't he cute?! And isn't she a sweetheart?! Thanks Brenda!!

How about a Rusty update before I turn in...She is doing great! Her surgery was a piece of cake, she slept it off really and was back on her feet in just a couple of days. Her brothers took extra good care of her. Animals amaze me! They were nervous the day of her surgery and with the fact that she was gone all day. Then when she came home instead of tackling her as usual, they tiptoed around her, gave her soft nudges and kisses. They layed next to her oh so gently. Animals are so good for the soul and are so Impressive! Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and means alot to us! So off to work on more witches and ghosts, scarecrows and pumpkins and the like. Maybe I'll even make my boys some real food topped with cinnamon!! Won't they be surprised!


  1. I love TRP patterns too!
    Your dolls turned out just great!
    Best wishes

  2. what a sweet blog! I am so thrilled you are enjoying my patterns :) And you are doing an awesome job on them all!!! Thanks again :)
    Have a great day!!!
    Many blessings,