Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prom Week

My sweet angel, Justin and his girlfriend Dierdre are attending Prom this Friday evening!! So to say the least this has been a busy week with shoe shopping and tux renting, bouquet and boutonnière buying, hair cutting and beard trimming...yes he has a beard lol!! This is our (I mean his heehee) first prom and we are sooo excited!!
I will post lots of pics next week!!!!

So what else is happening this week, hummm? I had a special request to make a doll for a sweetheart named -- Krista. She needed a replica of a childhood doll with some very specific dimensions...8.7 inches long and 14 ounces in weight with the dolls head circumference of 15 cm. hummm I thought. Doesn't sound too hard to work out. Until I tried to stuff 14 ounces into that tiny 8.7 inch frame!! Well let me tell you how frustrating that was!!! I never really weighed my dolls before and until you are trying to make something about a pound you don't really estimate just what that calls for. one pound of fiber fill or fabric scraps or weighted washers (my hubby's garage stash...shhh! don't tell 'em!) could fill a grocery bag!! lol!! Over the next day or two I racked my already racked brain and couldn't come up with anything quite heavy enough. As I looked over my craft table and the nine or ten dead doll bodys that were piling up as complete failures, I grabbed some girlfriends (and some guy friends) and we brain stormed!! I have to give credit where credit is due...Lucy from Lucys Lazy Dayz (stop by her website and say hi to her!!! Tell her I sent you!!!) was a big help and she suggested sand...dun dun dah (wrapped in plastic of course!) and sewn into a muslin pouch! Genius!!!
So off to the supply store I went to gets me some sand...when phone's's hubby...he has a solution...granet!!! For all of you out there that don't know what granet is, it is a semi precious stone that when ground into a grain, is like a clean and heavy sand. It's brownish red and worked like a charm!!! Thanks hubby!!! So Krista - I hope you like your semi precious stone filled dolly!!! How many girls can say their dolls are stuffed with semi precious stones!! Lucky Girl!!

I have been on a roll with Americana items this week as well and have listed them on my etsy shop, angelbugprims and here they are:

Patriotic Papa, Baby Libby and Sammy the sheep! $76.00 for the set of 3!! Free shipping as always, too!

I went on ebay this week and picked out some crazy fabrics!!! one has owls on it...cute!!! one has peace signs and one has cowgirls flirting with cowboys, ha! what a hoot!!! said the first fabric. I wonder what I will make with these?! I am off and into my craft room to crank the stereo up and see what kind of magic I can make! I will leave you with a song! I hope it gets stuck in your head!!lol!! Until next week...C U Then

David Bowie -- Let's Dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues...Let's sway. Sway through the crowd to an empty space

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