Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Halloween items ready now and taking orders

Newest Halloween items for's in 202 days and I can't wait!!
 $35.00 plus shipping
3 available/
taking orders now

This primitive Vulture is made out of White Cherry wood. My dear sweet hubby cut out and then sanded the wood for this project. He then painted the eyes, body and wings black, the head flesh and the beak honey.  I added a length of white feather boa around his neck. I attached two bones to his body with rusty wire and hung a loop of jute to his hunched back for easy hanging. The Vulture is 161/2 x 10. With the bones it measures 25" tall, each of the bones are 2.5"wide x 6 long. I sealed the entire Vulture and bones with Thompsons clear water sealer, though watch out for rain when hanging outside...I wouldn't let the feathers get wet.
We used a pattern by Chubs and Co.
What a great primitive Halloween decoration this would make hanging in an entry way, on the porch or in nearby trees to scare the little children on All Hallows Eve! Hahahahaha!

 $25.00 plus shipping
2 with white feathers and
1 with black feathers available/
taking orders now
I started with muslin that I stuffed and painted. The wings are hand stitched on from the outside in four places for extra security. I attached a jute hanger for easy hanging in the trees, on the porch or wherever you would like your scarey vulture to hang. I painted his head flesh color, his beak honey and his eyes black with acrylics then I finished him off by wrapping a white or black feather boa around his neck. He is about 15 inches tall and 12 inches wide. I made these primitive vultures from a Chubs and Co. pattern and aren't they just magnificent?! Wait until the kids get a look at these birds keeping guard over the Halloween Candy! Hang them from the trees or from the porch, they can even sway back and forth in the breeze for a realistic look.

$50.00 plus shipping
2 available/taking orders now
"This Creepy Witch is from a Kentucky Primitives pattern. From deep in the woods, back in the shadows, lives the old witch & her crow.
She is extremely primitive, old & tattered and faded looking.
She has an old spiral witch hat. She holds her old long skinny crow. She is just a wonderful doll." A quote from Victoria Lynn at Kentucky Primitives
She is a big girl at 36 inches from her feet to her curled hat and her crow is 16 inches long.

$35.00 plus shipping
5 available now/
taking orders now
This spooky ghost is a Tennessee ridge primitives pattern by Becky Erickson that I made using muslin that I tightly stuffed with morning glory poly fill. He has a nice sturdy feel to him. Then I painted Mr. Ghostie antique white, coffee stained and then sprinkled with cinnamon. I painted some black eyes and a mouth on for his face that you can see through his sheet. His "sheet" is coffee stained cheese cloth that I baked and then sprinkled with cinnamon. He smells yummy! I made him a rusty pin and rusty bells necklace. There is a wooden dowel in his neck and head and his hands are rusty wired to hold his primitive pumpkin which is painted and stained muslin stuffed hard with morning glory poly fill, tied with jute and I inserted a real wood stem. Topping this pumpkin off is some primitive Spanish moss and a painted muslin leaf.
His dimensions are 27 inches tall from top of head to bottom of sheet.

That is what is on the work bench for now, I will list new items as I finish them
I take payment by paypal and propay or you can mail me a check.
Thanks for looking and for buying handmade primitives!


  1. Everything is so cute. Very nicely done!

  2. Love your Halloween items and your Halloween countdown clock too! I am excited to be starting on some Halloween patterns soon too...they are always so much fun to make!

  3. I've got Halloween in the works too!! Great job on these...and your pictures are nice too!! Kristine