Sunday, September 4, 2011

Working hard!

I have just completed a few items from Becky Erickson's Tennessee Ridge Primitives Patterns - I love her! and her patterns!!
This first item is supposed to be a girl witch but isn't it funny how sometimes the item you're working on tells you how it wants to look...because he is all male! His dark mysterious eyes peek out from under the brim of his witches hat. Holding his black cat, he is contemplating all sorts of tricks for Halloween night and of course, how not to get caught!

27 inch Boy Witch holding Black Cat

The auction number for him is 120771924413

The other item is this gorgeous centerpiece Witches Hat and Crow with Primitive Broom. I love this piece. Nothing says Halloween like a Witches Hat! and this one is a nice size at 15 inches tall and 9 inches wide. This would look great displayed anywhere inside your home or even outside on a bench or a set of steps...
The auction number for this item is 120772741680
So Becky if you are watching, I hope I did you proud! and keep those primitive patterns coming!!!!
Until next time...Prim Blessings!